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Vodhins Midi Music
2 The Merry Go Round Broke Down MERRYG3.MID The classic song we all know and love from the Merry Melodies catroons
3 Coca-Cola Jingle (I'd Like to teach the world...) COKE.MID The Classic Jingle based on the recording by The New Seekers
4 He Shouldn't-a, Hadn't-a, Oughtn't-a, Swang On Me SWNGONME.MID From Blake Edward's "The Great Race"
5 Adams Family: Lurch at the harpsichord LURCH1.MID A jaunty little tune
6 The Acme School of Stuff Theme ACME1.MID acme1 is Newly Uploaded Song
7 Vodhin's Electrolux Project ELECTRL3.MID Music, Midi Sequencing, & Performance By Michael G. Anderson (Vodhin)
8 Not The Acme School of Stuff Theme NOTACME.MID An Original Composition *very* loosely based on the TV Show's theme
9 Whose Line Hoedown HOEDOWN.MID hoedown is Newly Uploaded Song
10 Push The Button, Max! (Overture To Disaster) PUSHMAX.MID aka Professor fate's Theme. From the motion picture The Great Race
11 Otto Titzling OTTO1.MID The Classic Bette Midler Opperette From "Beaches"
12 Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious SUPERCAL.MID From Walt Disney's "Mary Poppins"
13 Santa Clause Is Coming To Town SANTA1.MID We all know the tune, right? This is my own realization of the classic holiday tune.
14 The Silly Song (The Dwarf's Yodel Song) SILYSONG.MID From Walt Disney's "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs"
15 The Lonely Goatherd GOATHERD.MID From Rogers & Hammersteins' "The Sound Of Music"
16 Wallace & Gromet's Theme WALLACE.MID From Nick Park's Animated Series
17 Doll On A Music Box MUSICBOX.MID Doll On A Music Box is Newly Uploaded Song
18 Great Race Music GRTRACE1.MID From Blake Edwards' The Great Race